About Mr. Squeaky Car Wash

Mr. Squeaky Car Wash utilizes state of the art equipment, including soft cloth wraps, high pressure rinses, computer calibration, soaps, cleaners, waxes, water conservation systems and dryers to make each vehicle passing through our wash system clean, shiny and dry. We are proud to feature both Armor-All and Rain-X products in our car wash tunnel and hand-finishing express detail area.

Mr. Squeaky Car Wash is revolutionizing the car washing experience by providing our customers with the high quality wash they expect in the short time their busy schedules demand. Our revolutionary Car Wash design was formulated after consulting with various industry experts, several of whom have been in the business for over 25 years. Our broad range of services allows each customer to pick the perfect car wash based on their specific needs each and every time they visit.

Since customers may not need to have their vehicle's interior vacuumed and windows cleaned by our staff during every visit, we have created the Express Wash Packages. All Express Wash Packages are exterior only washes. Every Express Wash includes our standard presoak applications, high quality soft cloth tunnel wash, rinse and power drying to clean each and every car from top to bottom. All of this is delivered on average in under 3 MINUTES! In addition, every Express Wash purchase allows our customers to use our FREE SELF-SERVE VACUUMS!

For those customers desiring the highest level of service, we offer our Full Service Wash Packages. Each Full Service customer remains inside their vehicle as it passes through the wash tunnel. Upon exiting the car wash tunnel, customers drive their vehicles to our hand finishing detail canopy.

Under the detail canopy, our courteous and professional staff gives each car the specific attention to detail required for the highest quality wash. The work is completed by hand, including towel drying, interior vacuuming, window cleaning and even waxing. By concentrating our staff in the detail area, we are able to operate with the highest efficiency, thereby delivering the best quality and service available in the car wash industry.

Mr. Squeaky Car Wash currently has one location in Pompano Beach, Florida to serve your car washing needs. There are plans for expansion to several South Florida areas and even to national sites in the next several months. Click here for more information on Mr. Squeaky Car Wash Franchise Opportunities.